Colorful summer
25 / 05 / 2021
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Trending colors in the interior

Everything is sprouting, everything is green - because nature fully unfolds again, colors in the interior are twice as fun. We present you five current trend colors that will accompany us this summer and give the interior a special nuance.

Colors make the world a brighter place and our life more varied, creating positive vibrations. Refreshing color nuances are also finding their way into interior design and play a significant role for positive, wellness-promoting spaces. We show you with which colors you can bring summer indoors and what mood colors create.

Colorful summer

Cloudless Blue

Soft light blue is the softest of all colors. And at the same time sky blue holds a lot of power. A light, cool blue has a dynamic and invigorating effect. A darker shade like SMOKY BLUE, on the other hand, looks elegant and harmonizes wonderfully with fine grey and warm wood tones. White elements underline the radiance of blue and create an airy feeling - like a look into the sky.

Calming Green

Because of its calming effect, green is one of the most popular colors in interior design. Green tones with a higher proportion of blue, such as FJORD GREEN or OCEAN BREEZE, have a balancing effect and symbolize a new beginning. In combination with a lot of white and natural wood, you bring nature indoors and give interiors a pleasant calm.

Timeless Grey

Grey is still an unshakable color trend and inspires with its restraint. Greyish surfaces are also far ahead on wooden decors. A soft grey, like pebbles on the beach, makes an elegant, modern and versatile statement in the interior. In cool or warm shades, grey complements with every color as it a timeless shade that you can't get enough of.

Sunny Yellow

Thanks to the Pantone Color Institute, sunny yellow is currently one of the most popular color trends. Rightly so: With yellow we bring summer home. The color makes us happy and stimulates the mind. In Asia, yellow even stands for the beautiful, divine and sacred. Yellow complements wonderfully with solid grey by adding a powerful accent to a more neutral space. 

Red – embrace the warmth

Summer arrives and we think of warmth. Warm red-brown tones, rusty  and fiery reds are on the rise. Nuances of red radiate absolute strength and have a stimulating effect. Tinted in darker nuances, red looks luxurious, while radiant colors set bold accents. Red is an effective color that surprises the eye and work very well with neutral earth tones.

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